There are many special ways you can treasure your wedding dress after the big day.


You have said your vows, the toasts have been made and all your guests have somehow found their way home. What now? How can you treasure every moment and re-live it as often as possible?

Before you pack your gown away into storage – where it might stay untouched for years – you may want to consider what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

How shall I look after my wedding dress?

Whether you repurpose your wedding dress or decide to store it away, the very first thing to do is clean your dress.

It is super important to clean your wedding dress as soon as possible after the wedding as some stains can worsen over time. We are more than happy to organise this for you with our recommended wedding dress cleaning specialists. We can also use our skills to fix whatever is needed if your dress has been put through its paces on the dance floor!

We can box your wedding dress up in a beautiful premium wedding box with acid-free tissue. This type of storage will keep your wedding dress safe and sound until you decide upon its future.

Unique ideas of how to re-love your wedding dress

At THE MODISTE, we believe your wedding dress should be loved and treasured forever. That is why we launched our #MODIFY movement to help brides with our luxurious wedding dress repurposing service and collection. Your wedding dress is too beautiful to be hidden away!

As expert dressmakers, we can offer endless possibilities for upcycling your wedding dress into something professional, beautiful and personal. We can create a new bespoke made-to-measure outfit by repurposing your wedding dress.

For example, clients have asked us to dye their wedding dresses and turn them into elegant jumpsuits. A popular option is to create a classic and very wearable cocktail dress that our clients can always rely on for any future special occasion.

You can read about our #MODIFY movement in press coverage such as Cosmopolitan, Hello! magazine and Grazia.


We appreciate having so much choice and possibility of what to do with your wedding dress might feel overwhelming. That is why we have designed three MODIFY collections to help inspire you to repurpose your wedding dress; NOIR, TREASURES and HEIRLOOM.

And with many of our MODIFY options, you could even keep your precious wedding dress intact!


We created our NOIR collection to evolve your wedding dress into sensual and meaningful nightwear and lingerie. Our exquisite pure mulberry silk robes and slips can be all personalised with lace or other embellishments from your wedding dress.

Some of our clients have asked their spouses for these as a unique wedding anniversary gift, or simply ordered as a gift to themselves.

And the best part is that we can delicately hand unpick the detailing from your wedding dress or use offcuts from your bridal alterations. This means we can leave your wedding dress intact and perfect to keep forever, and you can have a stunning new creation to enjoy. It’s the best of both worlds.

We were delighted when slow fashion influencer and luxury fashion consultant Monica Marriott-Mills decided to modify her Emma Beaumont wedding dress with a white silk robe from our NOIR collection. You can watch Monica’s journey on Instagram, and see how we incorporated her dress’s gorgeous feathers into her new creation.


Or would you like something for the next generation of your family? It’s a tradition that stretches back many years: making beautiful christening dresses from wedding dresses that become family heirlooms.

Whether it’s a classic style, or more of a modern twist (such as newborn dungarees) it is a lovely way to see your wedding dress re-loved forever.

Christening gowns and flower girl dresses can be made using very little of your wedding dress (such as your wedding dress train). So you can have the best of both worlds – a new family heirloom and your wedding dress kept in tact – if you prefer.


And finally, what about something forever? Our TREASURES collection is possibly our favourite of all our luxury wedding dress upcycles. You can create a delicate Christmas bauble from your wedding dress trimmings or own one of our wedding dress miniatures!

What’s a wedding dress miniature we hear you ask?

Quite simply it’s an adorable 70cm tall replica of your wedding dress! Your miniature wedding dress can be used from offcuts saved from your wedding dress alterations.

You don’t need to alter your wedding dress at all to have a miniature made. We can match your wedding dress with materials we have in our studio (this is what we did with @themonicaway miniature which you can see on Monica’s TikTok).

We also had the pleasure of making the stunning Leonora Smee  a miniature of her Susan Neville wedding dress: you can watch her reaction!

So whether purchasing one for yourself, or as a wedding anniversary gift, a miniature wedding dress is a unique way to keep your wedding dress alive forever.

How can I re-wear my wedding dress?

Did you know that wedding dresses are one of the most unsustainable parts to the fashion industry? That is why we started our #MODIFY movement to help us re-love our wedding dresses again.

We can help you re-love your wedding dress by re-making it into something completely new and wearable.

Here at THE MODISTE, we welcome brides to redesign their dresses to be re-worn again. We can change your wedding dress by dying it into a new colour and re-making it into a jumpsuit or a cocktail dress. Our unique designs are all personal to each bride, completely made-to-measure, and are such a pleasure to work on.

You can follow Alex’s journey of re-loving her grandmother’s dress into a new design to love forever. The possibilities are truly endless!

Repurpose my wedding dress

So let’s free our our beautiful wedding dresses from their storage! It is time for them to be loved forever in your own unique way.

We look forward to welcoming you and your wedding dress to our #MODIFY movement very soon.