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Brides – do you need a simple way to alter your bridesmaid dresses from anywhere in the UK?

You want your bridesmaid dresses to fit as they should, but it is proving to be a logistical nightmare. We understand.  Some bridesmaid dresses are too big or too long, or both. Your bridesmaids live far away. Everyone is busy and – try as you might – you are struggling to organise an in-person dress fitting with all your bridesmaids. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, help is at hand and only one click away. In just four simple steps – with lots of help and advice – THE MODISTE will fix all your bridesmaid dress issues and send them directly to your (or their) door.


For all bridesmaid dress alteration orders over £70

Use code BRIDESMAID10 at checkout

We want to help brides all over the UK with quick, easy and economical bridesmaid dress alterations so you can better enjoy your wedding planning and bridesmaid experience together.

For the bridesmaids and matrons of honour who want that little extra support and reassurance, you can also book a virtual support session with one of our friendly expert seamstresses. Ready? Let’s get started.



2. PIN




From fixing loose shoulders to achieve the perfect length (or both!) and with alteration prices starting from £25, we have you covered.

Choose one (or more) of our four options to achieve the perfect bridesmaid dress alterations.

  • fix loose shoulders/straps
  • take in at the sides
  • reduce the dress length
  • fix and repair (zip, buttons, holes etc.)

Place your order based on how many dresses will be altered per location. If you are altering three bridesmaid dresses at your home, put all the alterations required through on one order. All deliveries will be sent there, including the competed bridesmaid dresses.

Can I send over my bridesmaids’ measurements instead?2024-05-14T08:44:59+00:00

If you would prefer to send over bridesmaids’ measurements instead of pinning them in their dresses, please contact us on 01494 532100 and we can discuss.

We do advise that, in particular when altering dress length, it is very common to find that the original hem is not straight when the dress is on. Therefore, taking the dress hem up using one measurement can mean the dress length becomes uneven.

How long will my bridesmaid dress alterations take?2024-05-14T08:48:05+00:00

Our lead time is three weeks from when we receive your dress in the studio.

This means if we receive your dress on day 1, it will be posted back to you by day 28 at the latest.

If you need a faster turnaround, please call us on 01494 532100 to discuss before placing your order.

What if my bridesmaids live all over the UK?2024-05-14T08:48:33+00:00

No problem at all. Our bridesmaid dress alterations service is UK-wide.

Each order is based on delivery location. For example, you have two bridesmaids in London and one in Oxford. We suggest you purchase two separate orders for their dress alterations.

  • Order all the required alterations for both London bridesmaids on one order using one chosen London address.
  • Create a second separate online order with all the necessary alterations to be delivered to your third bridesmaid in Oxford.

Your bridesmaids will receive their home alterations kit and finished dresses to these two locations.

2. PIN

After you have made your online order, you will receive your free home alterations kit in the first class post. It has everything you need, including;

  • a tape measure and pins
  • a simple step-by-step guide to pinning
  • postage bag to send your pinned dress to us.
Can my bridesmaid pin the dress that she is wearing by herself?2024-05-14T08:41:12+00:00

No, unfortunately not. Your bridesmaid dress alterations will require a willing helper to do the pinning, whilst the bridesmaid is wearing the dress.

What if we haven’t got the bridesmaids’ shoes yet and we need to alter the dress length?2024-05-14T08:41:52+00:00

We always highly advise that your hems need to be marked with the actual wedding day shoes on. However, we do understand that this is not always possible!

If that is the case, we recommend you wear a shoe with a similar or identical height to the ones you plan to wear. Once pinned, we will be working exactly to this marker so you need to make sure you are completely happy with how that would sit.

If I need extra help with pinning, what can I do?2024-05-14T08:46:40+00:00

We have simple tutorial videos on our website (LINK) and you will also have a printed step-by-step guide in your home alterations kit (DOWNLOAD LINK).

However, we completely understand how important it is to you to get the perfect fit for your bridesmaid dress! If you would like some extra support and reassurance, we also offer a 15 minute pinning consultation via Zoom. You can book this online (LINK) and it costs £20.

We ask for your bridesmaid to be in her dress and ready with her pinning assistant and home alterations kit. One of our expert seamstress will be able to check the pinning for you and provide the guidance you need.

What happens if, when pinning, we decide we need additional alterations?2024-05-13T11:43:16+00:00

We will be happy to help! Go ahead and pin what you need doing.

When we receive your dress (and before we start any alterations) we will contact you to discuss. This might require more time or an additional payment.

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For an additional £20, an expert dressmaker will talk you through pinning your bridesmaid's dress over a 15 minute Zoom session.


Now you have pinned your bridesmaid dress and are happy with the fit, please place it inside our postage bag and return to us.

You can deliver the dress (or dresses) in person to our Buckinghamshire studios or via the Post Office.

For greater choice and flexibility for you, this postage cost is not included in your online alterations order.

Can I cancel my alterations order before I’ve sent my dress to you?2024-05-14T08:38:45+00:00

If you wish to cancel your alterations order before you have sent your dress to us, please email

We will be able to offer a part refund, depending on whether we have already sent your free home alterations kit.

What if I change my mind on something pinned after I have sent it to you?2024-05-14T08:44:37+00:00

We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours following receipt of your bridesmaid dress. Your email will include confirmation of the alterations and measurements pinned on the dress.

We have a rule of not cutting anything on your dress within this first 24 hour period to allow you time to contact us with any last minute changes. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that we have your approval to begin your requested alterations.


We will be in touch as soon as we have received your bridesmaid dress safely in the post.

Please allow three weeks from receipt of your dress for us to complete your alterations. Please contact us directly if you need your bridesmaid dress alterations sooner.

When your bridesmaid dresses are ready, we will send them back to you free of charge. We use Royal Mail Tracked Returns.

What if I’m not happy with my bridesmaid dress alterations?2024-05-14T08:40:05+00:00

We allow four working days for any comments to be sent over to us regarding our completed bridesmaid dress alterations, and we will be happy to discuss any issues you have.

If we don’t hear from you within this time, we will take this as confirmation that you are happy with the work completed. Best wishes for the Big Day!

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