As an expert bridal atelier, we unravel the cost of wedding dress alterations for you.

Why does my wedding dress need to be altered to fit?

Finding your perfect wedding dress is such a beautiful moment! Buying your wedding dress is often the start of all the exciting events leading up to your big day, but it can also be quite overwhelming.

Unless you have a bespoke wedding dress (i.e., completely custom-made for you), wedding dresses need to be altered to fit you correctly. This is because dresses are mostly made to one size (for example, a dress size 12), using measurements based on specific hip, waist, and bust measurements. Your bridal shop will be able to explain this in detail to you.

But when it comes to fitting you perfectly, there is much more to consider. To achieve the perfect fit, our bridal seamstresses will shape your dress to your unique body, including considering your height and where your waist sits.

How are wedding dress alteration costs calculated?

At THE MODISTE, we base our wedding dress alteration costs on what specifically needs to be done to your dress. We take into account how complex your wedding dress is, rather than having a set alteration cost per dress. So, if you just need your wedding dress hem length shortened, your cost estimate will be a lot cheaper than a bride who needs more complex changes.

Your dress will be pinned to you at your first wedding dress fitting appointment and we will be able to give you a cost estimate for alterations. This is a free quotation and there is no obligation for you to use our services at this point. If you decide to go ahead, we start working on your wedding dress.

What if I change weight in the lead-up to my wedding?

First things first, you do not need to change your weight at all. You partner loves you for you. However, we do want to give our advice on this because we are asked it so often.

It won’t change our cost estimate if you do change weight before your wedding. This is because we do not completely finish off the seams on your wedding dress until your final fitting. This appointment typically happens around three weeks before your wedding day.

This means that all the material for your wedding dress will still be in the inside, because we have not cut anything yet. As a result, we can still alter the fit without any additional cost to you.

However, the cost of your wedding dress alterations will change if you need or want any additional changes to be made.

For example, if you later decide that you would like to add sleeves, or buttons down the back of your dress, the cost will change. Alterations that were not originally discussed and costed at the beginning will change your cost estimate.

At your final wedding dress fitting, we will advise you that we will now ‘finish your dress off.’ At this point, we need you to try to stay the same size! This is around three weeks before your wedding, so we give as much time as possible for any changes that may happen. For example, we are very experienced in helping pregnant brides-to-be with their wedding dresses.

How much is the average cost for wedding dress alterations?

Our average wedding dress alterations cost between £350 and £400. 

Wedding dress alteration costs do vary depending on the complexity of your wedding dress and if you want to make any design changes. So if you hardly need any changes it could even cost around £100. Keep reading our studio journal for more expert advice on wedding dress design changes and styles.

We suggest that if you budget around £350 you won’t go far wrong. All our wedding dress alteration costs will be explained at your first appointment so there will not be any hidden surprises. You are in safe hands.

And finally, the cost of our bridal alterations also includes insurance, all your fitting appointments and steaming your wedding dress ready for your big day!